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We are dedicated to educating children and young people about the risks of problem gambling.

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Having been through the whole gambling addiction cycle throughout his footballing career, Tony Kelly (our founder) decided to set up an organisation that can help the next generation understand and be aware of the impact gambling addiction can have on our lives. The result was the Red Card Gambling Support Project (CIC).

See the statistics on gambling in young people and other groups.

We have successfully delivered our talks and workshops in many schools and are keen to work with your school too; as well as other organisations and institutions. We aim to raise awareness of the potential risks of gambling and to educate young people before it becomes a problem for them.

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Our Work with Schools

Yavneh College Our team of professionals feel passionately about this issue, and delivers presentations on all aspects of gambling addiction from its impact and who it affects through to treatment and recovery. Problem gambling is now a growing issue, and we are sure that the work we do would be of benefit to your pupils/students.

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The videos give a flavour of Red Card’s work with schools. Our lived-experience presenters have delivered workshops to hundreds of young people.

What staff say

Tony came to speak here at St Ursula's to our KS 4 pupils and Yr. 9 during one of our drop down days. Tony was very amenable and organised in his preparation for the time spent delivering the workshop.
The pupils found his message powerful and very relevant for them in their world. In particular he reached many of our disadvantaged pupils and those who perhaps are in situations that could result in some kind of an addiction.
Both staff and pupils found his talk inspiring, incredibly honest and appropriately delivered to a sensitive cohort.
I recommend this talk unreservedly and would not hesitate to invite Tony in again to talk to other years.

Bridget Durrant

Deputy Head, St Ursula's Convent Secondary School

Hearing Tony’s frank and honest discussion of the devastation caused by his gambling addiction, really highlighted how easy it is for recreational gambling to spiral out of school. I would highly recommend the workshop to all schools and colleges especially given how accessible gambling is, as young people are simply not aware of how addictive this seemingly harmless activity can be. The questions that students asked Tony at the end of his presentation, clearly demonstrated the impact that his story had on them.

Rebecca Seamark

Head of Sixth form

Tony Kelly delivered a workshop for our Sixth Form Students as part of a Wellbeing Day.
Through the PSHE curriculum, we tackle forms of addiction - drugs, alcohol etc - but there is little covered about gambling, which is one of the fastest growing addictions in the UK. Tony raised awareness of the risks and the impact gambling can have on family and career. He shared his personal story and his struggle and the damage that his addiction caused. This was well received by students.

Leigh Ott

Curriculum Leader Personal Development and Guidance

I think there needs to be more education on the potential dangers of gambling and the programmes that Red Card provide in schools are crucial to teach early what can happen if you develop a problem with gambling. The fact that Tony can use his own experience in these educational workshops is even more effective. It is so important that gambling awareness is promoted amongst young people so they can be aware of the patterns and signs of problem gambling.

Carolyn Harris

MP for Swansea East Chair of APPG on Gambling Related Harm

Red Card Gambling support project was excellent throughout the whole process. They delivered an excellent presentation to our Year 12’s during their enrichment session (9/2/22) on the pitfalls of gambling and the impact it has on not only your life, but others too. Both the presenters (Darren & Harry) were excellent with the students, giving them an insight into their lives and the problems they have encountered. Students were given information, advice, and guidance on if they found themselves having gambling addictions in the future. Furthermore, Tony Kelly was easy to deal with and extremely flexible with our needs as a school. I would not hesitate in booking Red Card Gambling again. This is a fabulous outreach opportunity for Post 16 Students.

Mr J. Brack

Coombe Wood School

I would just like to say a huge thank you for your contributions to our Year 9 ‘Finance’ day. Our pupils enjoyed the day and I have received a lot of positive comments from both pupils and teachers. It was nice to see our pupils engaging in sessions that will prepare them as they go into their adult lives. The sessions were very welcome, especially after the last 12 months.

I hope to work with you in the future.

Hayley Taylor

St. Damians

Ben was fabulous, easy to relate to and great with the students. The presentation was professional and a good use of videos used.
A very engaging session. We look forward to booking with you again in the future.

Rachel Frisby

Deputy Head of Sixth Form Head of Careers, Internships and Enrichment, Hill House School, Doncaster.

[Feedback] is overwhelmingly positive. Students and staff both really appreciated the presenter's candour about his own experiences and found him approachable and helpful when they had questions afterwards. The presentation itself made sense and covered areas that students and staff would not have considered to be gambling. We appreciated the focus on gaming and the insight into how gambling can also affect women.

Please pass on our thanks - we would be happy to welcome Red Card back any time.

Mrs S Griffiths

Director of Post-16, St Edmund Campion Catholic School

The presentation was great. The pupils were engaged and found it helpful.


Christina Thomas

Assistant Headteacher, St Thomas More Catholic School

I would highly recommend this engaging and informative talk. Our sixth form at Bablake had the pleasure of listening to Tony and his team from Red Card Gambling discuss. It was very engrossing, and our students have been discussing the risks of gambling ever since. Many of our staff were also very impressed. They discussed the highs and lows of gambling, how people can feel they are good at it, how they start to become addicted and how they go onto the losing stage and enter a downward spiral.  They talk about their own experiences including financial and personal loss (home and relationship). We would love to welcome the team back to talk to year 11.



Subject Lead Life Choices, Bablake Senior School

Many thanks for the session on the reality of online gambling that was delivered to our Year 11 students. They benefitted from the real life experience that was shared with them from the speaker.

The real impact of an activity that too many young people see as acceptable was very hard hitting and I am sure will make a difference to them. In particular, the reference to gambling associated with gaming was something that many were talking about after, including staff.

I look forward to you coming in and delivering the session to our Year 10 students.

Mrs N Hayes

CPSHE Coordinator, Bishop Ullathorne Catholic School

Dear Tony,

Thank you for providing us with such a fantastic workshop on Tuesday.

It was great to have Red Card Gambling in to deliver a workshop to our Year 11 students during a personal Development drop down day.

The workshop was excellent!

Well planned, appropriate and relative to the students & included great examples from sport and beyond. 

Although addiction is covered in our CPSHE curriculum, we have never done anything around gambling before and it was such a thought-provoking piece of work, aimed at one of the fastest growing addictions in the country for both men and interestingly women.  The role that media and sponsorship plays in this is also immense, putting our students at risk without even knowing it!

The workshop was well received by our staff, students and support staff.

Hopeful that we will see you again next year!

Thanks again

Emma Mitchell

Higham Lane School

I would like to say thank you to Tony, Red Card Gambling, and Ben for delivering an informative, engaging, and important talk to our year 10 pupils as part of their Personal, Social, Health, and Economic (PSHE) programme. Having recently attended one of their presentations, I am confident that their informative and engaging session will contribute significantly to the overall educational experience of our students.

The talk, centred around a very personal experience of the harms of gambling, and the potential risks associated with it, was not only well-researched but also presented in a manner that resonated effectively with the pupils. Ben demonstrated a keen understanding of the challenges young individuals may face in navigating the complex landscape of gambling and online gaming.

Their approach to the topic was both informative and proactive, addressing the potential consequences of irresponsible gambling behaviour while also emphasising the importance of making informed choices. Ben skilfully blended real-world examples, statistics, and interactive elements to capture the students' attention, ensuring that the message was not only informative but also memorable.

In today's world, where online platforms expose young individuals to various forms of entertainment, including gambling, it is essential to equip them with the knowledge and skills necessary to make responsible choices. Red Card Gambling has proven to be a valuable resource in this regard, offering a tailored presentation that aligns seamlessly with the objectives of our PSHE programme.

I wholeheartedly recommend Red Card Gambling as an organisation to deliver high-quality, engaging, and informative sessions around gambling for PSHE programmes. Their dedication to educating young minds about responsible decision-making in the realm of gambling will undoubtedly contribute to the development of young people in today’s society.

Shannon Clemo

Head of RE and PSHE, Blue Coat School

What students say

Good information on how to deal with gambling-related issues and the different methods [that companies use] to make you gamble more.

School student

Very good at including the audience.

School student

The workshop made me realise the struggles and hardship for individuals who gamble.

School student

I appreciate the openess that the representative had when explaining his experience. It allowed me to understand further the effects of gambling.

School student

Very good.

School student

Facilitator was very friendly and relatable and spoke very well. Very insightful and interesting to hear a very personal account of the effects of gambling addiction.

School student

Very useful to learn more about the stigmas surrounding gamblingaddiction, and what we can do to support those going through it, and raise more awareness. I especially appreciated Ben sharing his story.

School student

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