CPD Gambling Awareness Training

Accredited CPD training in gambling awareness for your organisation.

Gambling and the workplace — a growing problem

Problem gambling not only harms individuals and families, but also has a significant impact on employers, businesses, and other work organisations.

According to Public Health England, problem gambling costs the UK economy an estimated 1.27 billion a year, and is linked to:

  • Poor concentration on work
  • Poor work performance
  • Sleep deprivation
  • Increased lateness and absence
  • Negative impacts on employers and work colleagues

Additional impacts on workplaces can include mental health issues, misuse of company property, reduced health and wellbeing, and relationship breakdowns.

Public Health England also estimate that 15% of online gamblers are gambling in the workplace, leading to a direct loss of productivity.

Gambling in the workplace is on the increase, and there’s a pressing need for more education on gambling harms, and how those harms have an impact on employees and employers.

Organisations using our CPD

Excerpts from our CPD

Two short video clips  from our CPD session with Amey plc.

Get the right CPD on gambling awareness.

Red Card Gambling Support CIC offers professional and comprehensive training on problem gambling.

Our CPD training is designed to raise awareness and understanding within your organisation, helping you to spot warning signs and signpost sources of support.

Our training sessions are:

  • Approved by the Gambling Commission
  • CPDSO-Accredited
  • Worth 6.5 CPD Points

Course delegates receive their accreditation certificates on the day.

Who is CPD Gambling Awareness Training for?

Our training is particularly relevant for:

  • Employers
  • Employees
  • Staff
  • Managers
  • Team leaders
  • Youth workers
  • Line managers
  • Foster carers
  • Supervisors
  • Directors
  • Teachers
  • Practitioners

As problem gambling can affect anyone — regardless of their  status, age, gender, or background — we welcome interest from any sector, including:

  • Construction industry
  • Health and wellbeing
  • Travel industry
  • Football industry
  • Sports industry
  • Teachers
  • Financial sector
  • Corporate sector
  • Gambling sector
  • Youth projects
  • Police
  • Probation
  • Prison service

Engaging delivery, lived experience facilitators

Red Card Gambling Support was founded and is run by people who have lived through problem gambling.

Our lived experience facilitators therefore bring their own compelling stories to CPD sessions, for engaging and impactful training.

They have extensive experience in delivering sessions to a wide variety of audiences.

What our clients say

Tony and his team hosted a seminar and their CPD gambling awareness training course on the Amey SRM A533 Bridge Replacement, to the project team on Friday 11th November 2022.

The seminar was enlightening, highly educational and informative, making us far more aware of the web of gambling options in the arena. It helped us to understand the environment better, providing us with tools as to how to identify, provide help and guidance to friends, family and colleagues.

I promoted Red Card's time with us as a measure of well-being but also recognising the difficult environment post-Covid 19 we are now enduring.

I would recommend this session to one and all, someone out there amongst us, or you know who needs help.

Thank you, Tony and your team from Red Card Gambling Support.

Aidan Brannan
Delivery Director

Amey plc

Hi Tony,

Thanks for delivering a fantastic workshop.

It was well received informative and enjoyable.

We will see if we can host another one in the new year.

Sonja Camara
Project Manager


Gambling and the construction industry

Gambling affects workers in every sector, and the construction industry is no exception. In fact, as Swedish researchers found, construction workers are particularly vulnerable to problem gambling. According to the ERSA (Employment Related Services Agengy), 8% of people in the UK construction industry know someone who has been fired due to gambling.

Education is the first step towards tackling this industry-wide problem. Red Card deliver impactful CPD sessions to construction industry companies, using lived-experience presenters to discuss openly gambling harms and sources of help.

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If you know an organisation or individual who might benefit from our CPD Gambling Awareness course, please send them our flyer for the course, or for our services point them in the direction of this page. Thank you!

Problem gambling and employment

Problem gambling often flies under the radar in organisations simply because many employers lack understanding and awareness of the issue.

What’s worse, problem gambling is notoriously difficult to recognise, and many employees feel unable to discuss the issues that they are having.

Red Card Consultancy offer effective, impactful CPD training — worth 6.5 CPD points — to help your organisation and employees address this often-hidden issue.

Course details

Our single-day course runs from 10 am – 2pm and is delivered at your workplace or a venue of your choice. Delivery is available at Red Card’s premises in Coventry (maximum of 20 delegates).

The course carries a value of 6.5 CPD points.

The cost is £199.99 for an unlimited number of attendees.

Booking and enquiries

Training is available from May 1st 2022.

To book our CPD Gambling Awareness Training course, please use the form below. If you’re not ready to book just yet but have an enquiry, please get in touch.