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My truth EP 3 with Tony Kelly

Red Card Podcast Episode 1

The Negative Harm of Problem Gambling

Kicking Out Gambling Addiction Podcast - with Hannah Dyson

ProFormance Pathways Director, Harry O’Riordan has joined the Red Card Gambling Support team and has collaborated with our CEO, Tony Kelly, in the production of this eye-opening and powerful podcast on the negative harm of problem gambling.

Tony and Harry share their journeys through gambling addiction, touching on the various aspects of gambling harm that they both suffered. The podcast is both tragic, but also inspiring: Tony and Harry’s stories prove that there is always hope, and that we are all capable of coming out the other side and recovering to live a healthy and sustainable life.

In this podcast, both Tony and Harry are transparent and honest in their accounts. It is important we continue to raise awareness of this mental health disorder so we can help others to be more confident in opening up and talking about gambling harms they or their loved ones may have suffered.

In this podcast Hannah Dyson talks to Tony Kelly about what drives him to educate young people and adults on the dangers of gambling and how he turned his life around to lead the battle against gambling addiction. In this webinar we will discuss Tony’s personal journey including recovery tools and will explore Tony’s current work with Red Card and why it is important to educate young people and adults on the dangers of gambling.

Also available on Spotify.

Knockin' Doorz Down

Winning Against All The Odds with Tony Kelly

Gambling Addiction and Me Podcast - with Men Are Nuts

That Tony Kelly Episode Podcast - with All Bets Are Off

Men Are Nuts is a podcast about mental health in society: the causes, the effects, the remedies. Let’s bring men together to talk, as you never know we might just save a life.

This episode features ex Stoke City star, Tony Kelly. Tony had the world at his feet and played alongside some of the biggest names in British football. He also played for former England World Cup winner Alan Ball at Stoke City. Tony takes us through a journey of his young life playing semi pro to then signing a pro contract. Being a young man with time and money on his hands, he started to mix with the older pros and that’s when he started to gamble. With no one to turn to and money readily available Tony’s career which was on the up started to take a downward spiral. Tony talks openly about his thoughts at the time, his bond with his twin, close family ties, and how he overcame his gambling addiction. He has written a book, Red Card: the soccer star who gambled away a glittering career.

He has now set up Red Card Gambling Support Project.

Tony Kelly talks to Ryan, host of All Bets Are Off, about his journey, forming Red Card Consultancy, and his work in educating the young. Tony also offers his thoughts as a member of the Gambling Commission’s  experts by experience group.

Safetonet Podcast - with Neil Fairbrother

Caribbean and African Health Network (CAHN) Podcast

On 6th June, 2022, Red Card Gambling Awareness partnered with CAHN to bring an enlightening discussion about gambling.

Imani Speaks

Transform Your Wealth And Health

Red Card Podcast - CEO Tony Kelly talks to the Red Card team

The Amateur Footballer - Tony Kelly talks to Tobrise Chinosa

Tobrise describes the episode as follows:

Addressing the shadow of gambling addiction, a crucial conversation that needs our attention. Gambling can start as a form of entertainment but, for some, spirals into a destructive cycle. It’s more than just financial loss; it impacts mental health, relationships, and overall well-being. In this video, we delve into the realities of gambling addiction, its warning signs, and the ripple effects on individuals and communities. Let’s foster understanding, empathy, and support for those affected. Together, we can create a safe space to discuss this pervasive issue, raise awareness, and explore avenues for recovery. If you or someone you know is struggling, remember, help is always available.

Listen to an audio version of this podcast.

Tony Kelly is guest on The Gambling Files

The Gambling Files podcast delves into the business side of the betting world. Jon & Fintan discuss current hot topics with world leading gambling experts.

“…the chaps are joined by former professional footballer Tony Kelly, who shares his journey from a promising career to the depths of gambling addiction. He discusses the challenges of the football environment, the void after retirement, and the role of faith in his recovery. Tony emphasizes the importance of personal responsibility in gambling and highlights the need for operators to show social responsibility. He also reflects on the changes in gambling culture in football and shares his experiences playing against top players.”

Tony’s section from 38:53 – 1:57:07.

Please visit The Gambling Files for more excellent content.

Red Card Founder Tony Kelly on 'Scotscore' Podcast

Tony was delighted to be invited onto the Scotscore podcast. 

From the Scotscore description:

Scott Bradley is joined by ex-professional footballer and founder of the Red Card Gambling Support Project Tony Kelly. They discuss how Tony first got involved with gambling, when it started to spiral out of control, when he realised he had a gambling addiction, having his car and house repossessed, filing for bankruptcy, his recovery and finding his faith again, all this and so much more!

You can find the podcast here:

Stream episode ScotScore-#147 Ex-Pro Footballer Tony Kelly On Gambling Addiction, Recovery & Finding Faith Again by ScotScore: A Scottish Football Podcast podcast | Listen online for free on SoundCloud

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Coventry and Warwickshire Radio

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Transform Your Wealth And Health

Extract of delivery to Amey Construction

Red Card founder and CEO Tony Kelly talks about gambling and the FIFA 2022 World Cup

Kicking Out Gambling Addiction with Tony Kelly

Football Non-League Gambling Awareness Project - new initiative launches at Bedworth United.

Football Non-League Gambling Awareness Project - discussion after workshop at Bedworth United FC

TV Interview

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Chrissy B Show

Tony Kelly on BBC Midlands Today

BBC Midlands Today, April 2024

Podcast Interview

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Other media coverage

BBC News Online

In this article from 18th January, 2024, BBC News online covered Tony Kelly’s call for the end to betting sponsors advertising on football players’ apparel.

Read the full article here.