Tony Kelly

Hi I'm Tony Kelly

A former professional footballer and founder of Red Card. I’m also the soccer star who lost everything to gambling.
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Here's what Red Card is all about.

The Red Card Gambling Support Project (‘Red Card’ for short!) is a ‘not for profit’ organisation. Prevention of gambling addiction is the key to our work. The more we raise awareness, the more we can prevent people from going down the destructive route of problem gambling.

Gambling Commission Delivery Partner, CPD Accredited.

Red Card is a Gambling Commission approved delivery partner, and we have also had our work approved for CPD accreditation by the CPD statndards office. We believe in early intervention to reduce gambling related harms for all, and we are passionate about educating young people on gambling and gaming addiction.

Living experience facilitators, reaching 10,000 young people

Having reached over 10,000 young people over the last 3 years, we are pleased to say that we have been funded to continue to educate our youth by the National Lottery — something that we are proud of.

Our delivery model is unique, only using lived experience facilitators. We believe people want to hear from those that have walked the gambling addiction journey, and can share their testimoinials to help raise awareness of this crippling addiction.

Growing and collaborating

We run a number of projects, as gambling addiction affects all sectors, and so we try to reach as many people as possible form various professions. With 8 years of experience under our belt, Red Card are always looking to expand, and will continue to educate and raise awareness of gambling related harms by working and partnering with other agencies, as we also belive in good, positive, collaboration.

Reaching diverse and marginalised communities

With a diverse team, we also aim to reach those from disadvantaged and marginalised backgrounds, particularly the Black/Asian/African communities, as we are aware of the scale of gambing within this cohort group, and how they may be more vulnerable and at risk of suffering gambling related harms.

Our Vision

We aim to make sure that people from all backgrounds and cultures are educated about the dangers of gambling addiction and the impact it can have on our lives. We work with all agencies including schools, colleges, sports clubs, prison and probation services, and others to help create a more stable and healthy society in the future. Our vision is to become a long-term beneficial and supportive service for all who experience problem gambling.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create a lasting social change through our work, by educating people about the dangers of gambling, helping to reduce crime in our communities, raising awareness of mental health, and by delivering our work nationwide.

What We Do

Our team deliver targeted workshops that not only share Tony’s personal story of his battle with gambling addiction but also, by using the knowledge and experience of professional therapists and counsellors, we go deeper in to the nature of addiction and how to combat it, and the wider impact on the gambling addict’s friends and family.

The Red Card team is made up of a mixture of professionals, all with a vast amount of experience that is relevant to addiction and problem gambling. 

Get in Touch

If you represent a group of people and would like to book a talk, a workshop, or just find out more about our problem gambling service, then please contact us.


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When I first started as Chief Executive at Gordon Moody Association, I met Tony Kelly at an event along with one of his colleagues and he invited me to meet up to discuss what Red Card do and also to help me better understand gambling addiction and the gambling industry as it was new to me. Fast forward a few months and we had arranged for Tony and a member of his team to attend our residential treatment centre in Beckenham to discuss his story, what Red Card aims are and to discuss working together and creating pathways for referrals into each other’s services.

Our team in Beckenham found Tony to be a very approachable, honest and kind hearted person who himself had been in gambling addiction. Our team and Red Cards were able to discuss the programmes which each party are delivering and understand better the roles that each organisation takes on. Red Card promote much needed awareness and education of gambling addiction.

We thank Red Card for their time and for Tony in sharing his lived experience at the event, and we look forward to continuing our positive working relationship.

Adele Duncan

Chief Executive Gordon Moody Association

This summer The Challenge will have the pleasure of partnering with Tony Kelly on our National Citizens Service Programme. Tony will be introducing a group of young people in Enfield to the world of gambling addiction, encouraging them to think about the issues related to this and setting them a challenge to work on in their teams.

Tony’s openness when sharing his lived experience and knowledge of gambling addiction suggested he would make a great partner for our programme this year. By sharing his own experiences and reaching out to young people Red Card will help us all build a better understanding of gambling addiction and how we can work together to spread awareness of this.

We hope this is the beginning of a larger partnership which allows us to introduce a diverse group of young people to issues surrounding problem gambling.

Max Johnson

Associate Programme Manager National Citizens Service Programme.

Tony Kelly delivered a workshop for our Sixth Form Students as part of a Wellbeing Day. Through the PSHE curriculum, we tackle forms of addiction - drugs, alcohol etc - but there is little covered about gambling, which is one of the fastest growing addictions in the UK. Tony raised awareness of the risks and the impact gambling can have on family and career. He shared his personal story and his struggle and the damage that his addiction caused. This was well received by students.

Leigh Ott

Curriculum Leader Personal Development and Guidance