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We are dedicated to educating children and young people about the risks of problem gambling.

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Having been through the whole gambling addiction cycle throughout his footballing career, Tony Kelly (our founder) decided to set up a company that can help the next generation understand and be aware of the impact gambling addiction can have on our lives.

We have successfully delivered our talks and workshops in many schools and are keen to work with your school too; as well as other organisations and institutions. We aim to raise awareness of the potential risks of gambling and to educate young people before it becomes a problem for them.

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Educational institutions we have worked with include:
Yavneh College

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Our team of professionals feel passionately about this issue, and delivers presentations on all aspects of gambling addiction from its impact and who it affects through to treatment and recovery. Problem gambling is now a growing issue, and we are sure that the work we do would be of benefit to your pupils/students.
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Tony came to speak here at St Ursula's to our KS 4 pupils and Yr. 9 during one of our drop down days. Tony was very amenable and organised in his preparation for the time spent delivering the workshop.
The pupils found his message powerful and very relevant for them in their world. In particular he reached many of our disadvantaged pupils and those who perhaps are in situations that could result in some kind of an addiction.
Both staff and pupils found his talk inspiring, incredibly honest and appropriately delivered to a sensitive cohort.
I recommend this talk unreservedly and would not hesitate to invite Tony in again to talk to other years.

Bridget Durrant

Deputy Head, St Ursula's Convent Secondary School

Hearing Tony’s frank and honest discussion of the devastation caused by his gambling addiction, really highlighted how easy it is for recreational gambling to spiral out of school. I would highly recommend the workshop to all schools and colleges especially given how accessible gambling is, as young people are simply not aware of how addictive this seemingly harmless activity can be. The questions that students asked Tony at the end of his presentation, clearly demonstrated the impact that his story had on them.

Rebecca Seamark

Head of Sixth form

Tony Kelly delivered a workshop for our Sixth Form Students as part of a Wellbeing Day.
Through the PSHE curriculum, we tackle forms of addiction - drugs, alcohol etc - but there is little covered about gambling, which is one of the fastest growing addictions in the UK. Tony raised awareness of the risks and the impact gambling can have on family and career. He shared his personal story and his struggle and the damage that his addiction caused. This was well received by students.

Leigh Ott

Curriculum Leader Personal Development and Guidance

I think there needs to be more education on the potential dangers of gambling and the programmes that Red Card provide in schools are crucial to teach early what can happen if you develop a problem with gambling. The fact that Tony can use his own experience in these educational workshops is even more effective. It is so important that gambling awareness is promoted amongst young people so they can be aware of the patterns and signs of problem gambling.

Carolyn Harris

MP for Swansea East Chair of APPG on Gambling Related Harm

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